"I feel honored to be a Muslim...": Part 2

By Jonathan

I used to literally think that Islam was an Island somewhere in the Middle East (which surprisingly is still a common misconception amongst a large portion of the population today, thinking Islam is a country).   I knew of the Muslim religion, but I looked at Muslims like Buddhist, with strange rituals.  I used to think they worshipped idols.  But that night when I went out with my friends, Islam had become a hot topic.

Some of my friends started to bash Islam, saying that it was a stupid religion.   I was surprised that some of my friends happened to be Muslim and they began to defend their religion.  Being curious about the whole topic and its impending impact on the near future, I began to investigate.  And what I found surprised me. I found out that the Muslims worshipped God.  Furthermore I found out that the Muslims believed in Jesus as being a Muslim (one who submits to God), who was a Prophet and Messenger of God, that God saved him from the Crucifixion, and that he was no part divine or any part of God, and that God alone should be worshipped.

Those pieces of information struck a chord with me, for I remembered believing in God as One Absolute being when I was younger, and likewise, I remember rejecting Christianity based upon its worship of Jesus.

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Thus I began an inquest into Islam and Christianity.  I became interested in the subject of religion and began reading constantly.  I would consult my grandmother on issues regarding Christianity, and would consult my friend on Islam.  I would bring the arguments back and forth to one another to see whose arguments would stand up.

Eventually after reading through the Quran and the Bible, observing God’s Miracles in nature and undergoing a thorough soul searching experience.  I said to myself about Islam, “it sounds so true, but can it be real?”  And right in that instance, I remembered my previous prayer when I said, “God, if your real, and you exist, please help me!”  I was covered in goose bumps.  I realized that this was the answer, but I still wasn’t sure if I wanted to become Muslim.  I didn’t know how well I would fit in with the Muslims from an ethnic standpoint.

I continued reading and was really looking for something to give me a conformation about my decision.  Then one day while reading the Bible, I came across verse 26:39 in the Gospel of Matthew.  The verse reads:

Going a little farther, he fell with his face to the ground and prayed, “My Father, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me. Yet not as I will, but as you will.”

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For me, this verse confirmed three things that I had learnt from an Islamic view of Jesus.  That he was Muslim, as he prayed as a Muslim by falling to his face in prayer.  That he didn’t want to die, because he prayed for the cup of death to be removed from him.  And that he was not God, because he himself prayed to God for help.

This was the conformation that I needed that really solidified my decision to embrace Islam.   And I couldn’t accept the Message, without accepting the Messenger.  So on December 28th, 2001 by the Mercy of Allah, I took the declaration of faith (To say I bear witness none has the right to be worshipped except Allah, and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah), and embraced Islam.  And since that time, by Allah’s Grace, I have achieved things, and been places, and have done things that I never would have imagined possible.

After tasting faith, I know the fruits it bears, and I pray that Allah allows me to do more good, and allows me to live the remainder of my life on His path.  All praises are for Allah, and peace and blessing be upon His messenger, Muhammad.  Ameen.


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