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Harris | 06/23/2017 - 18:08
Q :
I am a Muslim male and my Girlfriend is Chritian. She became my girlfriend at the time of me being astray of Islam and off my deen. I am a changed person and i am practising Islam (technically i know that i cant say that im practising Islam and have a girlfriend at the same time. I pray quite often, i refrain from such acts which are forbiden in Islam etc. We want to get married, she does not practice Christianity at all bu she wants to walk down the Isle. She is willing to have an Islamic marriage with all proceedures but wants to also have a Christian marriage. I have agreed but I have made clear i wouldnt do any acts to do with Christianity (speak as such from the Bible and commit to any rules regarding Christianity and the religion). All it will be is someone saying things like 'do you want to be his lawfully wedded wife' and vice versa then the 'you may kiss the bride'. Is that aloud and will it work. Also one finL question is about the hijab. Is it compulsry for any of my children to wear the hijab. I will obviously introduce it in the early stages of her life but if she chooses not to wear it do i have to force her or let her be ?
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A :
Hi Harris, basically, in the religion of Islam (based on precaution) it is obligatory for a man to refrain from marrying a non-Muslim woman in permanent marriage. So you'd better try to convince your wife-to-be to embrace Islam. Think of what made you become a practicing Muslim after (as you said) you'd been astray. If your reason for coming back is not convincing enough, study and learn more about your religion; learn why Islam is the most complete religion for certain; tell your future mate how all Abrahamic religions say the same thing and the religion is actually only ONE; tell her how embracing Islam would lead us to salvation. (read the articles available on this site to help you with this, like http://salamislam.com/content/unity-all-monotheistic-faiths/1 and http://salamislam.com/content/what-happens-marriage-after-converting-islam/3 and http://salamislam.com/content/it-acceptable-convert-islam-sake-marriage/3) So in a nutshell, according to most Islamic Jurists you cannot marry a Christian unless she embraces Islam. After her conversion you will have an Islamic marriage, hopefully. Then your children will be born Muslim. Hijab is compulsory for your daughters after their puberty but if they decide not to wear it, they are accountable for their deed themselves, not you. You may only help them think twice about their decision.
Sabiha | 05/26/2017 - 14:37
Q :
Assalamu alaikum!
I just saw something which made me really sad....i saw a video in which someone is claiming that prophet mohammad(pbuh)is in hell....i am sure u must have watched it too...and in some article also its like he is in hell....i really felt heart broken....i dont know why people are putting such things!and many people(non-believers)say that allah is the moon god ..but i truly believe in allah.....but just tell me something about this...m really feeling sad
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A :
Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh; dear sister, such videos would never ever influence the true believers in Allah... These videos are nothing but big lies about our beloved Prophet (PBUH), who is not only praised and followed by Muslims but also admired by great non-Muslim figures like Leo Tolstoy, George Bernard Shaw, Lamartine, Mahatma Gandhi, etc. Besides, even non-believers would not believe or trust a dream... You'd better not watch such videos... What would you expect from a person who is totally ignorant about Prophet Muhammad's great character and spreads stupid rumors about him based on a dream???
Salam Islam | 02/25/2017 - 14:18
Q : What are the rights of children according to Islam? Click to view answer
A :
Children’s rights in Islam are corresponding to different stages of their lives:

1- From conception to birth: Emotional and respectful relations between parents and also mental relaxation of the mother are really important at this stage. The mother should try her best to keep herself occupied with religious acts such as reading the Quran, praying and keeping away from fruitless activities which will not benefit her or the child growing inside her, etc. See: What are Children's rights in Islam?: From Conception to Birth

2- From birth to age seven: Choosing a worthy name for the child, breastfeeding it, giving the child religious training gradually are among the rights of the children at this stage. See: What are Children's rights in Islam?: From Birth to Age 7

3- From Middle Childhood to Adolescence: Providing the child with education (reading and writing lessons) including religious training, involving them in decision making situations, helping them get married when they are old enough, etc. See: What are Children's rights in Islam?: From Middle Childhood to Adolescence
Salam Islam | 02/25/2017 - 14:16
Q : Is family planning and population control against Islam? Click to view answer
A :
There are no specific verses in the holy Quran to cover the issue of family planning. However, there are a few verses that some jurists use to justify their agreement or disagreement with the issue of family planning. For example: “Do not kill your children for the fear of penury: We will provide for them and for you. Killing them is indeed a great iniquity.” (17:31) It could be implied from this verse that Islam discourages having fewer children for the fear of poverty; in another verse Quran says: “There is no animal on the earth, but that its sustenance lies with Allah, and He knows its [enduring] abode and its temporary place of lodging. ….” (11:6) [See: Is Family Planning Allowed in Islam?]

According to the Islamic viewpoint, the number of children should be as many as they do not cause any harm to parents, while at the same time parents would provide all their juridical, legal, spiritual, cultural and educative rights. So, family planning as the means of regulating the family size for health or economic reasons is permissible in Islam
Spencer | 02/25/2017 - 14:14
Q : How does Islam define human rights? Click to view answer
A :
Islam views rights as being inherent in human beings, i.e. according to Islam, God has granted humans with certain rights since the very beginning of creation.
If we have a closer look at the Islamic traditions, we realize that not only they have addressed the human individual and collective rights in some great detail, but also gone beyond our ‘modern’ definition of rights of humans! They have introduced something much more valuable, that is, ‘human dignity’! The holy Quran, looks upon human as one endowed with dignity. Human beings’ dignity refers to their advantages. This means that God has endowed them with sublime traits.
"Certainly We have honoured the Children of Adam ….. and preferred them with a complete preference over many of those We have created" (17:70).
So, Islam dignifies and honor human beings by recognizing all the rights they deserve.


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