The Battle of Karbala: A Timeline

680 A.D

Rajab 15: Death of Mu'awiya b. Abi Sufyan and Yazid's claim for the caliphate.

Rajab 28: Departure of Imam Hussain(AS) from Medina to avoid the oath of allegiance to Yazid....

8 Pieces of Advice to the Young Ones by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP)

On the International Youth Day, we offer you this Infographic by Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH&HP) quotes: 


1.  Enjoy every moment of youth, since it will never return.


una mirada a la vida del Imam Musa b.Jafar al kazim

745 D.C. Nació en la aldea de Abwa, entre La Meca y Medina, cuando sus padres, el Imam Sadiq (AS) y Hamida,...

A Glance at the Life of Imam Musa b.Ja'far al-Kazim (AS)

745 A.D Was born in the village of Abwa, between Mecca and Medina, when his parents, Imam Sadiq (AS) and Hamida, were returning from Hajj.

765 A.D His father, Imam Sadiq (AS) was martyred...

Five Questions about al-Ikmal Verse

" ... Today the faithless have despaired of your religion. So do not fear them, but fear me. Today I have perfected your religion for you, and I have completed my blessing upon you, and I have...

18 Points about Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH&HP) Sermon on Ghadir Khum

1. Praising Allah and describing His attributes for people. 

2. Mentioning Allah's order for announcing something essential and the revelation of the Quran's 67th verse of the 5th chapter...

A Glance at the Life of Imam Ali b.Muhammad al-Hadi (AS)

Imam Ali b.Muhammad al-Hadi (AS):

828 A.D was born in Sarya near near Medina to Imam Jawad (AS) and Samana.

835 A.D His father, Imam Jawad (AS), was martyred.

835 A.D The...

5 Essential Questions about Eid al-Adha

1. What is eid al-Adha?

The second greatest feast among Muslims which marks a part of Hajj rituals at Mina near Mecca, where the pilgrims offer a sacrifice.

2. What Does al-Adha mean...

7 Essential Questions about the Day Of Arafah

1. What is the day of Arafah?

The day Hajj pilgrims spend on the plain of Arafat praying, asking for forgiveness, and thanking Allah for giving them the opportunity to perform Hajj.


4 condiciones que hacen obligatorio el Hajj para un Musulman

1. Capacidad financiera: tener suficiente dinero para mantenerse a sí mismo y a su familia...

4 Conditions that Make Hajj Obligatory for a Muslim

It is obligatory for every Muslim to perform Hajj at least once in their lifetime provided that he/she is...

9 Preguntas esenciales sobre el Hajj

1. Que significa literalmente Hajj?

2. Cual es el Hajj ritual en el Islam?

3. Que tipos de Hajj hay?

4. Donde se realiza?

5. Cuando se realiza?

6. Cuanto tiempo...