Imam Ali

Imam Ali

This Motion Graphic summarizes some of the most important incidents in the life of Imam Ali (AS).

Imam Ali

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) took Imam Ali (AS) under his own guardianship and said: " Ali (AS) and I are the roots of the same tree."


imam ali

We know leaders, kings, and queens by their power and might and sometimes feel terrified hearing their names. Those in power, usually, being occupied with many apparently vital matters, forget...

Imam Ali

 Imam Ali (AS), was the first male person who heard our dear Prophet’s recitation of the revealed words of Allah on the 27th of Rajab, known as Mab’ath Day, and...

Imam Ali

1. Speak at the Right Time

Don’t speak when it’s not a good time to talk. 

Ghurar al-Hikam wa Durar al-Kalim, Hadith no. 10274. 


imam Ali

This infographic summarizes some of the most important incidents in the life of Imam Ali (AS) as follows:


Eid al-Ghadir is one of the most important historical events celebrated by many Muslims on the 18th day of the last Islamic month, Dhu al-Hijjah. This infographic highlights the incidents that...

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The importance of thinking in Islam and consulting before making any decisions is emphasized and recommended by Imam Ali (AS). 

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16th of November is marked as the international day of tolerance by united nations to foster mutual understanding among cultures and peoples. Imam Ali (AS) always invited people to respect each...

In this infographic, some actions that Muslims do during the day of Eid of Ghadir is introduced.

eid al-ghadir

On 18th of Dhu-l-Hajjah, called eid al-Ghadir and on the last Hajj on which prophet Muhammad (PBUH) participated, Imam Ali (AS) was chosen as the leader and guide of all Muslims by prophet...

Many Muslims, around the world, will celebrate Eid al Ghadir which is...