Imam Rida

imam rida

Leaving behind the town where one is born and raised is a daring decision, which is often followed by many challenges and difficulties. You enter a new world, have to live with new people, and...

Una mirada a la vida del Imam Ali b.Musa al-Rida (AS)

765 D.C: nació en Medina de Imam Musa al-Kazim (AS) y Tuktam.


 A Glance at the Life of Imam Ali b. Musa al-Rida (AS) 

This Infographic shows date line of Imam Rida's (AS) life:

imam rida

1. The Taste of Water

The taste of water is the taste of life. 

Mohammad-Baqer Majlesi, Bihar al-...

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Sometimes we ask Allah for something with all our hearts and expect our wish to be granted instantly. And when it doesn't happen, we get depressed and feel like as if God is not listening to our...

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Every year on March 22, we celebrate World Water Day and try to remind ourselves of the importance of this blessing in our lives and the necessity to preserve this natural...

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Reason is your best friend and ignorance your worst enemy

Imam Rida (AS)

Imam Rida

"Visit each other regularly to create more love between yourselves, and hold each other's hands and wipe anger away from your hearts" Imam Rida (AS)

Source: Bihar al-Anvar, vol. 78, p. 347...

Imam rida

Imam Rida (AS) is the eighth infallible Shiite Imam and successor of the final holy Prophet (PBUH). His name is Ali, and among all his other names and titles the most famous...

imam rida

Our eighth infallible leader, Imam Rida (AS) had said: "Eating less and refraining from excessive use of food, will protect your body against various diseases." 

Here is a beautiful picture of Eid al-Fitr's congregational prayer.