6 Points that Reveal Imam Hussain (AS) Was Not After War

Looking at Imam Hussain (AS)'s movement and the incidents that took place on Karbala, one might...

5 Lessons we learn from Imam Hussain (AS)'s Revolution

 Imam Hussain (AS) made any effort to clarify the truth and goals for which they rose up and were ready to sacrifice their lives.

5 things we learn from him:

1. Live the life of a...

A Glance at the Life of Imam Ali b.Muhammad al-Hadi (AS)

Imam Ali b.Muhammad al-Hadi (AS):

828 A.D was born in Sarya near near Medina to Imam Jawad (AS) and Samana.

835 A.D His father, Imam Jawad (AS), was martyred.

835 A.D The...

9 Essential Questions about Hajj

1. What does "Hajj" literally mean?

Heading to a place for the sake of visiting or pilgrimage.

2. What is Hajj ritual in Islam?

A pilgrimage made to Kaaba, the House of God,...

7 Merits of Marriage Based on Prophet Muhammad's(PBUH&HP) Teaching

1. It brings peace and tranquility to one's heart.

2. It is a means of preserving modesty and attaining righteousness.

3. It helps one to fulfill his/her religious duties more...