Islamic lifestyle

What does Islam say about reading books?

Does the Quran have any direct verses about books? Can the Quran guide us on what kinds of books to read? How can a book that was revealed about 1400 years ago tell us about which book genres are...

7 Criteria to Say No to a Movie

Watching movies and animations are not forbidden (Haram) in Islam if they don’t contain...

World Environment Day 2020

World Environment Day is the most important day in the United Nations for encouraging worldwide action and awareness for the protection of the environment.

5 Things To Avoid In Using Social Networks

We are far ahead of the time when people lived in actual social networks. People living in a town or village were in a strong relationship with one another, and of course, it served them well. is...

anger in Islam

Here are some tips to control anger in Islam. Generally, Islam invites everyone to avoid anger and treat each other with kindness and respect. 

imam rida

Our eighth infallible leader, Imam Rida (AS) had said: "Eating less and refraining from excessive use of food, will protect your body against various diseases."