Salam Islam

goodness in Islam

Allah is the source of goodness in Islam. He is the all-Merciful and beneficent, and we are all under His mercy, enjoying His many blessings which He has bestowed on us. Thus, we can show our...


Faith in Allah will bring us all together and colour us all with the elevating and perfect colour of Allah which will lead us toward the better version of ourselves. 

Mobile background

Allah is near and hears our prayers and listens to our supplications. With this inspiring and eye-pleasing mobile background remind yourself of the love of Allah on every second of your life.

desktop background

Color your desktop background with the color of Allah and enjoy one of the most loving verses of Quran, which reveals to us the limitless love and care Allah has for every one of us. 

patience in Islam

The death of a loved one, the problems at home or work, and even maintaining the Islamic regulations and orders might sometimes be challenging for us. In all these cases and many others, the...

friend in Islam

Who are your best friends? What are their characteristics? Do you have any criteria for choosing your friends?...

life worth

Perhaps one of the most important questions for each of us about life is what a good and flourishing life is and most generally if it is worth living.

Lady Fatima

Lady Fatimah (AS), the beloved daughter of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), recommends us to perform any deed purely with the intention of Allah.

mobile background

Beautify your wallpaper with this colorful and eye-pleasing mobile background along with one of the most inspiring verses of Quran

desktop background

Beautiful and eye-catching desktop background with a verse of the Quran for you to enjoy reading...

peace in Islam

In the previous part of this topic, we emphasized that advertising peace and educating...

hijab in Islam

Have you ever wondered about the characteristics of Hijab in Islam? Do you know the reason behind wearing Hijab in Islam? Or in what ways you should cover to be considered as Hijab? This...