Salam Islam

peace in Islam

Those who do not know Islam very well and those who follow the propaganda of the media, especially in this period of time when several terrorist attacks have been committed by pseudo-Muslim groups...

marriage in Islam

The best kind of marriage in Islam is the one which elevates the personality of both man and woman. This is gained only through building a stable and good relationship with one's spouse which can...

friday prayer

“O believers, when the proclamation is made for prayer on the Day of Congregation (Friday), hasten to God's remembrance and leave trafficking aside. That is better for you did you but know.” (62:9...

family in Islam

Family in Islam and maintaining family ties are of utmost importance. Visiting relatives regularly and caring about their problems are some ways of strengthening the tie with our relatives.

original sin

Our knowledge about Prophet Adam and his wife Eve, unlike our knowledge about other prophets, is very little. There are so many...

prayer in Islam, Salam Islam

Here are some tips to experience a fuller and more spiritual prayer in Islam

Prophet Muhammad

This video clip enumerates the best attributes of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) among his many good moral traits which guided humankind toward what is right.

prophet muhammad

These three verses of the Quran, according to some exegesis, refer to the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as a child and Allah's favor upon him.


thanksgiving day

Give thanks to Allah for all the blessings He had bestowed upon us. Thanksgiving day is a good chance to remind ourselves of these blessings.

children in Islam

Taking care of and educating children in Islam is one of the most important duties of parents with regard to their children. When raised with proper education, care, and love, children will grow...

prophet muhammad

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) loved children and treated them with kindness wherever he went. His manner can teach us all the best attitude toward children which will finally flourish their mind and...

prophet muhammad

On the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) color your mobile phone with a beautiful design of the name of our beloved prophet.