Salam Islam

prophet muhammad

Color your desktop background with a beautiful and eye-pleasing design of a verse of Quran about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

children in Islam

Children in Islam have been considered with high regard and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) both in his manners and his speech tried to manifest his love and respect to children.

social networks in Islam

It may not be a great deal for Muslims even to check if hanging around in social networks in Islam is Lawful (Halal) or forbidden (Haram) for them. The question may sound very dogmatic when you...

Allah's creation

The nature and all the universe can be a book for us to study and to find deeper belief through pondering on Allah's creation. 


Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was the last prophet sent by Allah to guide human beings. But what happens after he passes away? Should his message be forgotten? Should the guided ones go astray?


This infographic illustrates the reasons behind the fact that prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was the last prophet, and prophethood ended with his death.


Knowing themselves as the true Muslims and real Arabs, ISIS wanted to establish an Islamic State in which Islam rules. They...

youth in Islam

Youth in Islam is considered a special chance to live fully and make the most of the blessings we have been given by Allah. One of these blessings is the capacity to learn and to become competent...

arbaeen walk

Some basic facts about the philosophy behind Arbaeen and the ritual of walking toward Karbala, called Arbaeen walk, during this occasion is illustrated. 

Imam Hussain

On the last part, the incidents that befallen upon the children and women in the camp of Imam Hussain (AS) after his martyrdom and the cruelty and violence of Yazid's army in treating them is...

Imam Hussain

In this part, some of the incidents of the day of Ashura, the day on which the battle of Karbala started and Imam Hussain (AS) and his companions were forced into a war is recounted in detail.

Imam Hussain

This part recounts the incidents on the day before the battle of Karbala, called Tasu'a, on which Imam Hussain (AS) attempted to dissuade the enemy from starting a war but they refused to listen...