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arbaeen walk

The Arbaeen walk will be finished by reaching the shrine of Imam Hussain (AS) at Karbala. But, this journey was an endeavor to renew our promise to Allah and ourselves and to find a more profound...

Arbaeen walk, arbaeen, Salam Islam

During Arbaeen Walk, there may be many people who would need your help in completing their journey to Karbala. So, the journey itself and how you spend it, is perhaps more important than the...

Arbaeen walk

Arbaeen walk is a chance to strengthen our faith in Allah and remind ourselves of His constant presence in our lives. 

Arbaeen walk

Arbaeen walk is not an easy experience; it takes both physical and spiritual strength to complete this journey. And it is in the hardships that our faiths are tested.

Arbaeen walk

While on the Arbaeen walk, do your best to do go to others and spread kindness and peace among the ones who are participating along with you on this great occasion.

Arbaeen walk

Arbaeen walk is a good chance for those who are participating in it, to help those who are physically less able, old or sick. As Allah has recommended in many verses of the Quran, helping others...

Arbaeen Walk

Arbaeen walk is an annual event in which a huge number of  Muslims participate and try to pay their tribute to Imam Hussain (AS) on his fortieth day of martyrdom. But this walk is not a mere...

Imam Hussain

In this part, we realize how the army of Ibn Ziyad blocked the access of Imam Hussain (AS) and his companions to water and left them in great thirst. 

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On the night before the battle of Karbala, Imam Hussain (AS) gathered his companions and asked them to leave that plain if they wish to save their lives. But they were strongly devoted to Imam...

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John and Muhammad were convicted of robbery due to the report of a neighbor who only saw them putting their luggage on their car while they were leaving the house they had rented for vacation....

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The incidents that led to the war in the land of Karbala, and forced Imam Hussain (AS) into an unwanted war is recounted in this part.

Imam Hussain, muharram 2018, Salam Islam

This part recounts the encounter between Imam Hussain (AS) and his companions and the army of Kufa governor which was commanded by Hur ibn Yazid.