children in Islam

children in Islam

Taking care of and educating children in Islam is one of the most important duties of parents with regard to their children. When raised with proper education, care, and love, children will grow into healthy and productive adults who would make...

prophet muhammad

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) loved children and treated them with kindness wherever he went. His manner can teach us all the best attitude toward children which will finally flourish their mind and soul. 

children in Islam

Children in Islam have been considered with high regard and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) both in his manners and his speech tried to manifest his love and respect to children.

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12th of June marks the world day against child labour which is held each year to condemn the injustice done to children in forcing them into working and using them as a source of income rather than giving them the chance to enjoy their childhood...

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Children in Islam are held in high regard and they are considered as respectful and significant members of the family in Islam. Thus,...

childrens rights in islam

This infographic enumerates the children's rights based on Islamic texts. 

children's rights 

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was always very kind to children, and he played with them whenever he found a chance. This account shows Prophet's (PBUH) deep regard for children and his loving attitude toward them. 


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There are many incidents that happen in societies, which make so many children orphans. Incidents such as earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, or smaller incidents that make children, orphans. So, the issue of taking care of these orphan kids becomes a...

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“He is only a child!”, “Be quiet, this is a grown-up issue”, “Go to your room and don’t disturb us while we are talking” … What do these sentences remind you of? Your own childhood? Your little son or daughter?  you have probably heard these...

children in Islam, family in Islam, salamislam

A wealthy man went to Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) home to visit him. While they were speaking, the holy Prophet (PBUH) sat his grandchild, Hussain (AS) on his lap and started kissing him. The man was looking at Prophet’s behavior toward the child...