family in Islam

family in Islam

Family in Islam and maintaining family ties are of utmost importance. Visiting relatives regularly and caring about their problems are some ways of strengthening the tie with our relatives.

children in Islam

Children in Islam have been considered with high regard and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) both in his manners and his speech tried to manifest his love and respect to children.

divorce in Islam

Marriage is the tradition of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and a sacred union in Islam [1]. Islamic culture tries very hard to safeguard the family and its stability. In the first...

Global day of parents, family in Islam, salamislam

Looking kindly at parents and being compassionate and respectful toward them is the duty of every child.

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Family in Islam is one of the most significant places which can guarantee the success of human beings and should have a safe and supportive environment. Both fathers and...

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Are you one of those who think converting to Islam is a funny idea? Do you think the name of Islam is associated with terrorism, oppression, and dogma? The same goes with many other groups which have been wrongfully stereotyped...

mothers in Islam, family in Islam, Salam Islam, parents in Islam

Mothers in Islam are held in very high regard, to the extent that her satisfaction is considered to be the source of many blessings upon her ...

responsibility in islam, salamislam, islamic life

One of the significant parts of responsibility in Islam is our responsibilities towards other people in our lives. Human beings are social creatures. Being in the society, humans are no more obliged to provide all their basic...

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After converting to Islam, perhaps one of the main challenges that new Muslims face is the confrontation with their family and the way they would react to their new...

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Children in Islam are held in high regard and they are considered as respectful and significant members of the family in Islam. Thus,...

death in Islam, Salam Islam

Almost everyone is scared of death; Even those who may commit suicide in a specific mental condition. If a physician tells us that we have an unknown disease and we will only live for a few more months, we would panic and stop...

childrens rights in islam

This infographic enumerates the children's rights based on Islamic texts. 

children's rights